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The Half-Life 2 Deathmatch mod Babel Babel was released today. The mod was co-developed by Elitepigs GameDevelopment. You can download the game from its website.


The alpha version of H.E.L.D. captive was released today, along with the game's soundtrack. Our newest project, Split Skies, has been added to the games list.


The Elitepigs forum opened today, check it out here.


We are happy to announce that Jarek Szpilewski joined our team today, and Elitepigs GameDevelopment is working on a new game called H.E.L.D. captive!


After a short downtime, this website is back online. We discontinued the development of Nitrion, but you're able to download the alpha version of our first game. We are already planning a new project, so stay tuned.


The Elitepigs website is finally online. There is some information about our first project, Nitrion, available.