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Sad news, the development of Nitrion has finally stopped, after more than one year of silence from us. We still would like to present to you the unfinished alpha version. Please take a look at the included readme file for further information.


There's a new section on this site now, revealing the exciting backgroundstory of Nitrion. We are also able to present three new screenshots from the game, demonstrating the current version.


A long time has passed since the last update. We were busy with other projects and obligations (studying etc) but it seems as if the final release date for Nitrion is coming nearer. We hope to release a public beta version within the next weeks. Although we call it 'beta', this version will be quite finished concerning our ideas of what the game should be like. But we would like to hear feedback from all you users who actually play it, so we can implement your ideas in a final version. More about that when the game is released. Sorry again for the huge delay, but we're working hard on it.


The Nitrion alpha version was released today. It will only be available to a small number of testers. The betatest will probably start in February for a slightly broader public. Betatesters will be chosen by ourselves. All in all, the released date might have to be pushed backwards to March, but we will see how quickly we can finish the game. At the moment, almost all important features for gameplay are included. We can say it took us effectively about six weeks for development.


There's a new screenshot online, showing the improved explosions. Bonus scripting was added to the newest version, and the level and enemy waves are finished.


We've added lots of things to the game: enemies, shots, font system, scripting of enemy waves / levels itself and sounds are included now. Some graphics and sounds are still missing, and there are still some bugs to be fixed and features to be added. Game balancing is another important issue we're working on at the moment. One screenshot was added, stay tuned for more.


On this page, we will keep you up-to-date with the progress of the game.