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The solar system, year 2052. Sgt Jack Pepper accompanies the Vicepresident of Earth to one of the regular talks on independency with the Governor of the Mars colony. The negotiations are still in progress, as suddenly a group of terrorists storms into the hall. They immediatly overpower the Vicepresident's guards and take them all as hostages. Sgt Jack Pepper is completly helpless, he too was taken by surprise. Shortly after the kidnapping, the leader of the terrorists, Al Kaiser, who remains in the background during the whole operation, declares the independance of Mars from Earth. On top of this, he sets an ultimatum for Earth: if his secret agents back on Earth aren't released from prison within the next 48 hours, he is going to shoot the Vicepresident. The President of Earth knows that there is no chance to send an elite troop to mars to free the hostages before the ultimatum is over. Thus the President decides to release Al Kaiser's agents from prison, and they quickly scatter all over the planet to hide and wait for new orders from their leader. Meanwhile, on Mars an extraordinarily crazy and fanatic terrorist gains access to the prison cell where the Vicepresident and Jack Pepper are held hostages. He kills the Vicepresident in front of Pepper, but he is unable to prevent the act. Not much later, the President of Earth hears the news. The terrorists are no trustworthy partners to deal with. Thus he commands the Terran Army to gather all their ships and attack the Mars colony. This is the beginning of the first Mars war. By now, Pepper was able to free himself and the other remaining hostages. He escapes from the building and steals a terrorist starfighter to help Earth defeat the terrorists on Mars. While the war is still in progress, terrorist scientists start developing a secret weapon made of a crystal which is only available on Mars. If used together with a satellite dish to enhance the waves emitted by the crystal, this weapon would disable all computers in a giant area. An area as big as Earth. The terrorists weren't prepared well enough for a long space war, thus they soon retreat together with the plans for the still unfinished secret weapons into a subterran cave system on Mars. The Earth forces are unable to locate Al Kaiser and his remaining soldiers. After the war has ended, Sgt Jack Pepper is awarded a medal for bravery by the President in person. But Pepper is not lucky that the war is over. He feels guilty that he could not save the Vicepresident. He knows he will have to face Al Kaiser someday again, and this will have to be the final fight.

Following the events on Mars, Earth increases military presence on Mars drastically. Funds for military inventions are being increased. And the success is enormous: the Russian Professor Dimitri Tokarev of the Institute of Biotechnology in Moscow discovers that a liquid derived from a certain plant can be used as fuel. He calls his discovery 'Nitrion'. But it's not ordinary fuel. With the help of this substance, space ships can travel fast enough to reach other solar systems within resonable time spans. This means that he who controls Nitrion, has the ability to found new colonies on planets in other solar systems. Soon after Tokarev's discovery is covered in the news, Al Kaiser finds out about it in his underground shelter. He orders his agents on Earth to steal some of the plants used to make Nitrion and bring them to mars. Al Kaiser's scientists discover that the plant does not grow under any circumstances on Mars. The terrorist leader knows what to do: he has to conquer Earth to grow the Nitrion plants if he wants to expand his power over the universe. But first, there's Mars. Luckily, Al Kaiser's scientists finished the development of the secret weapon.
15 years have passed since the first war on Mars. Now Al Kaiser is back. His secret weapon disables all the Earth force's weapons on Mars, none of their ships can fly and none of their tanks can move. Even most of their guns are controlled by computers. They all refuse to work under the influence of the crystal's waves. It's easy for Al Kaiser's soldiers to fight the Earth army on Mars, as they can't offer much of resistance. After a rather short battle, Mars is once again in Al Kaiser's hands. He uses one of the big motherships the Earth forces had orbiting around Mars to equip it with the secret weapon. The orders of the ship are to fly towards Earth and disable all the military forces there using the crystal.

The situation for Earth is desperate. The only chance for Earth to continue to live freely is the Professor: he built three prototypes of a ship equipped with Nitrion for extra-manouverability. The ships also use a newly developed biocomputer, which is immune to the crystal's waves. There's only one man on Earth brave (and willing) enough to take up the fight against such a superior army: Sgt Jack Pepper. But he is not alone fighting the battle of his life up their in space around earth: Professor Tokarev is able to supply Pepper with new weapons which he is currently still developing. Tokarev plans to launch them into space within ballistic projectiles, because these don't need computers to work. Pepper's mission is simple: he has to destroy the mothership in order to disable the crystal's influence on the electronics of Earth.

You are Sgt Jack Pepper.

Sgt. Jack Pepper
Dimitri Tokarev
Al Kaiser